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Sydney Kids Teepee Party Hire & Sleepover Service

Here at KidsPartyHouse, we are committed to being Sydney’s most trusted kid teepee hire and sleepover birthday celebration service! The services we offer are easy to use and simple to understand, and parents can be as involved or hands-off in the process as they like. If you so wish, all you need to do is give us a call and tell us what you’re expecting, and we’ll do all of the heavy liftings, so you can focus on spending a special day with your child free of stress. Our staff can handle all requests themselves, and we pride ourselves on the fact that our clients don’t have to lift a finger to get a kid’s teepee party their child deserves.

Founded with a burning desire to foster an environment where children can feel free to let their spirits run wild and bond with friends over a night of games and fun while still in the secure environment of the household, KidsPartyHouse offers a great experience at a great price. Teepee parties are a unique way to bring a group of kids together and forge meaningful relationships with one another.

Safety and trustworthiness are just two of our many core values, all of our staff have submitted to a thorough police background check, and our equipment is regularly checked for any defects and replaced if needed. We know kids aren’t the cleanest bunch, so we sanitize absolutely everything after every event, smiles, and laughs are what will be taken home, not the common cold! Making sure that your child has a blast is what gets us up in the morning.

A teepee party is a fantastic way to bring the fun and excitement of camping out with friends into the safety of your household. Be transported to whatever far off land your imagination can take you and have a slumber party that’ll be remembered for years to come! The sleepover is one of the most enduring and classic childhood moments possible, as it is your child’s first few steps into the world of social interaction outside of a controlled environment like school or daycare.

Once our team comes through your home and sets everything up without you having to break a sweat, you’ll barely recognize your living room or basement, the look on your child’s face as they come into the room with all of their friends will surely be one to remember. Not only will the kids love it, but the parents would wish they’d come up with the idea first!

There’s no request too big or too small, our dedicated staff are always eager to please and are ready to modify our handcrafted and highly customizable teepees to suit any need. Want an outback adventure or a jungle safari? We can do that. Or maybe your child wants to feel like they’re at a luxurious spa date with all of their closest friends, that’s no problem for us. Think about your little one’s favorite movies or books and ask us what we can do, we’re confident we can make any dream a reality. We know every child is different, and we intend to make their party their own!

Book Your Kids Teepee Party in Sydney

Kindly fill in our contact form, and one of our helpful and cheery staff members will call you back as soon as possible to help figure out the details of your slumber party teepee hire. To keep things simple, please have on hand how many children will be attending the party and how many teepees you will need. After that, we need your address and any special requests, and we’ll be able to give you an up to date quote on how much the party will cost. We’re eager to please, so don’t be afraid to bring up any concerns! To ensure we can deliver the quality expected of a kid’s teepee party, all bookings require a 50% deposit, with full payment to be rendered on the day of your child’s special event.

Girls parties & teepee sleepover themes in Sydney

Girls tend to have different interests at a young age than boys. We’re not saying the young women in your household are stuck with these themes, but here’s just a few that have had enduring popularity with girls. Remember, we have no issue going the extra mile to make things even a pinch more custom and unique, don’t hesitate to ask! Party themes can range from princess themed getaways where everyone is royalty to Hollywood superstar parties that’ll make your child feel like they’re trending on Instagram. There’s practically no limit to what we’re willing to deliver to make your teepee party utterly captivating!

Our Sydney Teepee Party themes for Boys

Have a more male-dominated party you’d like to cater to? That’s no problem, we’ve taken all the steps possible to make all of the little men in your home feel like their fantasies have come to life. Star Wars, comic book heroes, and Pokémon themed slumber teepee parties are just some of our most asked for and most developed themes. Does your kid love Minecraft or another similar video game? We’ll have them whisked away to a world of fun and adventure they didn’t think possible! Let your little boy be the hero he is inside with our knight package; it’s sure to create a memory to last a lifetime.

Mix and Match Themes

While the themes mentioned earlier are gendered, that’s just what gets asked of us most often. Our themes aren’t set in stone and should only be considered guidelines, give yourself the opportunity to have an imagination as big as your child’s! We’re prepared to mix and match items from different themes together to have a party suitable for absolutely anyone, make sure to specify your special requests when we give you a call, and we’ll let you know our limitations, although I’ll tell you now they’re quite few.

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